Art Deco Elegance: Bringing Glamour into Your Home

Art Deco Elegance: Bringing Glamour into Your Home

Art Deco Elegance: Bringing Glamour into Your Home

Art Deco Elegance: Bringing Glamour into Your Home

Art deco is a kind of style that emerged in the late 1920 but was not popular at that time much. But nowadays , it plays a very important role to beautify the homes with new designs. It includes different kinds of attractive shapes, elegant and vibrant colours with intricate designs . Through this blog, we will know how to convert every ordinary room or home into an attractive masterpiece by just focusing on a few points in mind.


  1. Colours of Opulence:

Art deco is usually known for its rich and vibrant colours but colours can be of your taste also. The main focus should be on bold and luxurious colours palette. Some of the colours are deep blues , emerald greens,and regal purples, complemented by metallic accents of gold, silver and chrome. You can baroque these colours through furniture, wall paints, or through the interactive pieces of showpieces to capture the main theme of art deco opulence.


  1.   Geometric patterns and shapes;

Geometric shapes and patterns can be called the heart and soul of art deco. By introducing  these small tits and bits of shapes and patterns into your home through furniture furniture, wallpaper or flooring . zigzags ,chevron patterns and bold symmetrical lines can catch the visual interest of people. By introducing luxurious looking rugs and carpet you can create an elegant royal look to your home. Buy today the best of Art decor for your home from the best interior design companies in Dubai. 


  1. Luxurious Materials:

Art deco includes the use of lavish and luxurious materials. Go for materials like marble,mirrored surfaces, glossy coated wood and polished materials. These materials can give a extravagant look and a piece of glamour alongwith liveliness. But also give a feel of openness  and refinement.


  1. Statement furniture:

Investing money in luxurious  furniture will add a sense of glamour to the art deco. Go for pieces that are rear , with a beautiful streamlined shape, glossy finish and exquisite detailing. A wooden coffee table with top glass, a velvet material sectional sofa with beautiful geometric patterns can instantly elevate your home look. Buy statement furniture from the best home interiors in Dubai. 



  1. Dramatic lighting:

Lighting is something that adds life to the art deco. Choose light depending upon the placement , brightness and use. Go for fixtures light for your hall area, think about chandeliers with different geometric patterns , sleek sconces,  ambient or glamorous pendant lights. These lights will not only make your home illuminate but also give life to the art deco. Lighting makes home attractive and eye-catching.


  1. Mirrors and reflection:

Mirrors gives aesthetic look to the art deco. Mirrors took the art deco to another level . They create the illusion of space but also add a touch of glamour to the home. Choose bold and beautiful geometric frame mirrors  and you can also opt for statement mirrors with deep detailing  to enhance the art deco.


  1. Bold Artwork:

Decorate your wall with bold and unremarkable artwork to complement the art deo . choose pieces that are rear and have intricate or deep detailing, bold colours, sophisticated designs that will add drama to the art deco. Go for those designs that are original and have some meaning to the art, inspired prints that can represent an era. 


  1. Fabulous flooring:

Flooring is another influential part of art deco. It is characterized by deluxe materials and bold patterns. Choose herringbone, or chevron patterned hardwood, or can opt for tiles with beautiful stone print or geometric designs for enhancing the art deco. Consider rugs or floor mats of velvet material with bold patterns and contrasting colours . this also enhance the art deco


  1. Accessories with Flair:

 Accessories help in completing the picture of art deco. Consider those accessories that will enhance the overall aesthetic look of art deco. Choose beautiful glass vases with beautiful attractive artificial flowers, use decorative boxes , candle holders or elegant small showpieces. This small addition to the art deco will make the things more glamorous and  aesthetic. Get flair items from the all-in-one interior decoration company Dubai. 


  1. Glamorous Bedrooms:

Just not limit  the art deco to your living area but take this to your bedrooms. Introduce velvet headboards , plush bedding, aesthetic king size bed, glamorous glass artwork with interactive geometric and shapes. Add a luxurious rug of velvet material that will give a royal look to the bedroom.



Introducing art deco to the home give another life to your home. Art deco is something that celebrates the extravagant, luxurious and bold. From planning to selecting carefully every design, colour , patterns, theme each of them add meaning to the overall glamour. By selecting everything very carefully for curating art deco and selecting pieces can transform your home into a timeless masterpiece.