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About Us

About Us

About Us

About Interior Company Dubai

Interior design solutions in the of Dubai.

We are the Top Interior Design Company in Dubai, established in 2007, offering complete solutions for all furniture needs in commercial, residential, outdoor, and hotel design projects.

Our mission is to create amazing experiences and feelings in our design spaces. We are a team of positive and dedicated individuals who believe that a good attitude greatly enhances the quality of our work.

With 16 years of experience, we focus on space planning, home design, office fit-outs, renovations, and workplace interiors. Our goal is to redesign spaces to meet your exact needs. We ensure projects are completed accurately, on schedule, and within budget, handling jobs of all sizes locally and internationally.

Through our expertise, creativity, and dedication, we consistently exceed expectations in interior design.

Our mission is to create amazing experiences and feelings in the spaces we design. We are a team of positive and dedicated individuals who believe that a good attitude greatly enhances the quality of our work.

What We Offer

Residential Design

Our expert designers understand your needs and turn your house into a home that reflects your unique identity. We are the top interior design company in Dubai, UAE, we offer the best services for anyone looking for “interior design services near me.” We provide a full range of house decorating services across the UAE, ensuring excellent results. Our designs feature unique touches and interesting accents to delight you. The best interior designers will bring creative ideas and modern solutions, delivering top-quality results with a creative approach that aligns with your preferences.


Office Design

Our talented team of office designers, visualizers, project managers, furniture developers, and architects work together to create spaces that meet your needs. We ensure your workspace is beautiful, practical, and ready for the future. As a top office  interior design company in Dubai
, UAE, we know how important it is to have flexible, functional, and stylish workspaces.


Commercial design

Need a commercial interior design company in Dubai that delivers high-quality services at a fair price? You’ve found it! We’re a top design firm in the UAE, handling everything from offices and shops to hotels. With over a 115+ completed projects, we ensure every project is done with care, making our clients happy and bringing them back to us.


Bespoke furniture is like having a personal tailor for your home. It’s custom-made from high-quality materials to fit your exact requirements. Whether it’s a dining table for family gatherings or a sofa that fits perfectly in your living room, each piece is made with care to reflect your preferences. It’s about creating furniture that’s uniquely yours, designed with precision and quality to complement your home and lifestyle perfectly.



A turnkey project is like hiring a full-service team to handle everything from start to finish. It’s a contract where a company agrees to completely design, build, and equip a manufacturing, business, or service facility. It’s like having a one-stop solution where all you need to do is specify your needs, and the team takes care of the rest, ensuring the entire project is ready for you to use without hassle. It’s about convenience and efficiency, ensuring that every aspect of your facility is expertly managed and ready to go when you are.



Our team of interior designers manages every detail, transforming your space into a masterpiece. Relax and witness your vision come alive with skill and creativity.



Project management involves starting, planning, doing, controlling, and finishing team tasks to meet goals and criteria on time.